From the Beginning

About two and a half years ago, I found out I had fibroids. The largest was approximately 5 cm, but my doctor’s immediate concern was my anemia. My hemoglobin level was 3 or 4 and as I sat there trying to take it all in, I noticed that she was desperately trying to relay the seriousness of it all and how important it was for me to get my numbers up.  I remember taking the prescription for iron tablets that she handed me, and hearing her say I needed surgery immediately, but to be honest with you, I was still reeling from shock. I had been healthy my whole life and had (and maybe still do have) a weird aversion to medication. What’s more, I didn’t even know what fibroids were!

Two days later however, I could write short paper. Fibroid tumors are benign (non-cancerous) growths that appear on the muscular wall of the uterus. The most important piece of information I gleaned from my research was that fibroids are not life threatening. Whew! With that out of the way, I could buy time to think.  I learned that my mother and all her sisters (except one) had fibroids and were treated successfully. Great! And why wasn’t I told about this, I wondered.  It’s a generation thing I guess.

First step, tackle my anemia. After two weeks of taking iron tablets, the side effects were beginning to annoy me. I was always hungry. I mean, I felt like I was starving two to three hours after a meal. I am not a big eater to begin with, so this was quite frustrating.

One night, while doing some research online, I discovered the Web site Here, women were talking about natural cures for fibroids – a new concept for me at the time. What intrigued me was the discussion about blackstrap molasses. It was mentioned repeatedly that it has the ability to cure anemia and some even suggested that it had shrunk their fibroids.

Off I went, in search of this miracle syrup.


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