Why is the Size of My Belly Fluctuating?

It just seems to be going up and down. One minute I think the fibroids are shrinking and I get really excited, the next minute I’m back at square one. I now have a new issue to deal with – bloating. Pre-fibroids, I had no idea what this was. Now, it seems to be my nightmare.

One week before my cycle, my belly would swell. A few days after the cycle, it would shrink.  (It would take two years for me to discover why, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) Then there was the frequent urination. Cranberry juice helped (and still helps) a lot though.

On the next trip to the doctor, I voiced my frustration. Why do some women report that after taking blackstrap molasses, they have been completely cured, yet I’ve been taking this thing for months now and though there have been tremendous improvements, the tumors are still there? “Because your body is different,” she said. “Something else is going on with you.” Hmm, I never thought of that.  I need to do more research.

Here’s how unsulphered blackstrap molasses helped:

  • Cured my anemia
  • Helped to eliminate back pain (I also did targeted exercises)
  • In the midst of “flooding,” I would take two tablespoons. This little trick would stop it immediately
  • Instead of two heavy days, I was now down to one not so heavy day. In fact, bleeding reduced significantly overall.
  • Energy level increased

I then started to notice the weight gain.


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  1. Jane Mcdougall says:

    Please tell me, why does my huge fibroid fluctuate in size, just like you describe?

  2. I’m afraid that’s a theory I’m still working on and not yet ready to divulge. To mitigate this however, I would encourage you to look at your diet. Are you getting enough calcium and magnesium (not from supplements but from food)? Note that the daily recommended value for calcium is about 1000 mg and for magnesium, it’s about 400 mg. Here’s one example of how you can achieve this:

    1 cup yogurt – 45%
    2 tbsp blackstrap molasses – 40% (depends on the brand)
    3.2 oz sardines – 34%
    1 cup spinach – 24%

    2 tbsp pumpkin seeds – 48%
    2 tbps blackstrap molasses – 20% (depends on the brand)
    2 tbsps Cashews/Almonds – 25%
    1 cup brown rice – 20%

  3. Kay says:

    Thanks for the information. I have been dealing with fibroids for almost ten years now. They have increased in number and size and I had surgery a few years ago. Now they are back and I’m taking full holistic measures to shrink them. A book I ordered ****************** breaks down the importance of cutting dairy, Red meat, caffeine and alcohol. Basically removing toxins from your body and keeping it that way.

    The molasses was a new thing I heard if and I will definitely try it. I find myself too fatigued to exercise and this is something I did often and enjoyed in the past. I know all about the exhaustion trekking it into the city from Queens.

    Do you recommend any local health food stores where I can buy it? There is one on Queens Blvd near 44th st.

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