Can Fibroids Cause Weight Gain?

In my case, it definitely did. I first noticed that my clothes weren’t fitting properly – they were snug. Also, when shopping, I could no longer fit into my usual size. Vanity sizing?

Now, I know this might sound strange but I’ve been the same size for years – actually, since college. In fact, I don’t gain weight easily. This is why I never thought it was me.

Then one day I got on the scale and looked down. It read 155 lbs! I’m 5ft. 9 and my usual weight, pre-fibroids, was 143-145 llbs.  This couldn’t be right – I need a new scale. My eating habits hadn’t changed. I rarely drank sodas, fruit juices, or basically any drink that contained fructose corn syrup.  I snacked (and still snack) on nuts, fruits, and the occasional ice cream.  It just didn’t make sense.

What was even more shocking was the overnight weight gain. Once, I went to bed weighing 155 lbs and woke up weighing 165! I nearly went mad. That’s when I realized that it was the fibroids. No matter what I did (exercise, daily walks, cutting out sugar) I just seemed to be gaining weight at the drop of a hat. Bloating was beginning to be a bigger pain than I thought it would be.


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