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Dear Fibroids: I’m really beginning to hate you!

The date: February, 2009. I have been managing my fibroids now for about a year and a half. Although the size of my belly kept fluctuating, I had figured out the pattern. There were no more back pains, menstrual cycle was normal, and my iron level was good. I sometimes had problems with frequent urination but it was manageable.

What I recall is that I had a visit from my Aunt who then asked me to make one of my skincare products. (I don’t usually keep stock in the house.) A trip to the hair salon had left her a bit bald and she was desperate for a product to fix it. Before preparing the formula, I sterilized all the containers and utensils, then disinfected the countertops with bleach. After about two hours, she had her product. Nothing unusual, I thought.

However, a few days later my belly literally doubled in size!

Pre-fibroids, I don’t think I truly understood how one’s self esteem can be  intricately intertwined with body image. Most women are sensitive about their weight. Not me. But then I didn’t have to be, I was always skinny. My Achilles heel is my skin. I am obsessed with skincare and the idea of flawless skin.

Yet, in February 2009, as I stared in the mirror and saw my image, I was crushed. I had a distended abdomen and looked heavily pregnant. My self esteem plunged. From that point on, I stopped looking in the mirror – I hated what I saw, so what was the point? When I tried on one of my favorite J. Crew dresses and realized that it no longer fit, I got really angry.

Suddenly, the natural route wasn’t cutting it. I wanted an immediate solution to the problem – the fibroids had to come out. No more molasses, no more research, just get them out – now!

With that in mind, I made an appointment with one of the radiologists on the Web site. Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) was the route I wanted to take. It’s less invasive than surgery and the process typically lasts less than an hour. For more information see


Why is the Size of My Belly Fluctuating?

It just seems to be going up and down. One minute I think the fibroids are shrinking and I get really excited, the next minute I’m back at square one. I now have a new issue to deal with – bloating. Pre-fibroids, I had no idea what this was. Now, it seems to be my nightmare.

One week before my cycle, my belly would swell. A few days after the cycle, it would shrink.  (It would take two years for me to discover why, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) Then there was the frequent urination. Cranberry juice helped (and still helps) a lot though.

On the next trip to the doctor, I voiced my frustration. Why do some women report that after taking blackstrap molasses, they have been completely cured, yet I’ve been taking this thing for months now and though there have been tremendous improvements, the tumors are still there? “Because your body is different,” she said. “Something else is going on with you.” Hmm, I never thought of that.  I need to do more research.

Here’s how unsulphered blackstrap molasses helped:

  • Cured my anemia
  • Helped to eliminate back pain (I also did targeted exercises)
  • In the midst of “flooding,” I would take two tablespoons. This little trick would stop it immediately
  • Instead of two heavy days, I was now down to one not so heavy day. In fact, bleeding reduced significantly overall.
  • Energy level increased

I then started to notice the weight gain.